Super Metroid – Still One of the Greatest

I saw this on Facebook this morning and, aside from the gobbly-gook at the end about ‘gender neutrality’, it’s absolutely hilarious! Metroid is one of my most favorite game series ever, just under Final Fantasy:


Author: SnapperTrx

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2 thoughts on “Super Metroid – Still One of the Greatest”

  1. i’m actually enjoying this stuff … which is funny b/c i don’t play video games.

    but … they referenced these as “Retro” … ha! things that happened in my time are already considered “Retro!”

    sheesh … i’m getting so old!

    the cool thing about this clip is that i could watch enough of the game to kinda get it, but when my eyes got overwhelmed, i could just watch the people who weren’t moving. fwiw.

  2. It cracks me up that these kids seemingly have zero fine motor skills, complaining about the size of the platforms and such. We considered those challenges back in the day!

    I’m glad you were able to watch the clip without issue, as Super Metroid is one of my most favorite games and these particular video clips, either featuring young kids playing old games or older people playing modern games, crack me up. If you don’t mind the language try watching the one with older people playing Grand Theft Auto. It. Is. Hilarious!

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