The Benefits of Respect

Ladies, when considering how you respect your husband think about your own children and consider how they act toward you. Consider, also, what benefits there are when your children are being respectful toward you and how much easier it makes life. Now transfer this consideration toward your husband. How much do you think he would benefit from a respectful wife? How much smoother would things run if his wife were being respectful in little things as well as big things? Isn’t it nice when your children:

  • Eliminate backtalk and snide remarks?
  • Present their objections in a respectful manner instead of fussing and griping?
  • Eliminate talking over you mid-sentence?
  • Pay attention to you when you are speaking to them, so you know they are listening?

If these things make your life easier when your children do them for you, do you think they make your husbands life easier when you do them for him? “Well, I am not a child”, you might think, but you and your children share a great similarity in that your children are under your authority as their mother, and both you and your children are under your husbands authority.

Your children know what it means to be respectful because you have undoubtedly taught them from a very young age (though they are sometimes rebellious because, well, children). Do you know what it means to be respectful in the same manner?


Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

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