DC Bombshells

So I guess I am doing this. I haven’t purchased a comic book in probably twenty years, but these caught my eye while I was at the game shop picking up some new dice. I love the art style and the way they made over the ladies costumes. Its set during the 1940’s and looks really cool. I haven’t had an opportunity to get past issue #1, and though I have some issues with Batgirl being a lesbian (I knew they did this to her a while back, but had forgotten. Even so, there is nothing gratuitous in the first issue, so no biggie.), it seems like a promising series.


My wife could pull off a pretty good Harley Quinn if she wanted to (probably next Halloween), but I’ going to try my hardest to get her into this little number (though she would look a lot cuter than the weird goth chick shown here):

batgirl bombshell

Now THAT’s a bat costume I can admire!

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