Keeping it Clean

I had a couple of posts I wanted to make that dealt with some sexual topics, but i opted not to post them so as to avoid adding that element to the blog. I know its a weird blog, a combination of fantasy/scifi, woodcraft, Led Zeppelin (and Led ZepAgain!), politics, religion, 3d babes and mutant alligators, but I want to at least keep it PG13 so as to allow the masses to browse unhindered by the worry of seeing something too harsh. Hope nobody minds.

Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

3 thoughts on “Keeping it Clean”

  1. Ha ha! Yeah, no worries there. I don’t plan on posting anything like THAT up here. I’m a little conflicted on where I want for this blog to go. I really did, originally, make it just to post stuff about my game, then I let it sit for about five years, then picked it back up when I started doing woodwork again. I didn’t want to post anything beyond that, but my opinion has gotten the better of me lately and needs an outlet. I’ll just leave this Frankenstein’s monster the way it is for now, I guess.

    1. determining where one wants their blog to go has been a theme i’ve seen often over the years. some people really struggle with that. for me, it’s always been more about me just writing about my life, about what’s inside me that needs to get out. writing is so therapeutic for me and has helped me through many-a-time since i was in high school . i love that we can find communities out here, and although that’s never been my purpose, i’ve always enjoyed meeting new people.

      i actually had a trip planned for my girls and me once where we would travel thru several states and visit with friends and meet blogging friends in person – many of whom have become really good friends and household names. sadly something prevented that from happening, but i’ll always enjoy the idea of having hoped to do so.

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