Woman, meet pedestal.

An interesting thing took place this week that I think is a delightful example of the state of our society and the church. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump proclaimed that, if abortion were to be made illegal that both doctors performing the procedure AND women receiving the procedure should face punishment. Naturally this caused quite an uproar as both pro-life and pro-murder groups combined forces to dig into him, asserting that women are victims of abortion, too! Yes, you read that right. A woman who:

  1. Seeks out a doctor for the procedure
  2. Pays for the procedure
  3. Gets a medical examination for the procedure
  4. Sets a scheduled date for the procedure
  5. Returns to the clinic for the procedure
  6. Hops into a chair for the procedure

is a VICTIM! Ladies and gentleman, this is a grand and perfect example of the church’s pedestalization of the fairer sex! Woman can do no wrong! She is ALWAYS the victim of someone else’s scheme! Ladies, how can you stand for this? Do you realize that both the church and society consider you idiots? Both consider you unable to make a rational decision on your own, you had to have been duped! You had to have been misinformed and mislead, and completely unable to determine what is real or truthful on your own! And, just when you start to come to the realization that your being suckered by these two groups, they feed you the bittersweet medicine of ‘You go girl! You can do anything! You are strong! You are brave! You are smart and you don’t need ANYONE in life because you can tackle it ALL. ON. YOUR. OWN!

The fact that Christian based organizations went after Trump with as much fervor as murder groups is beyond frightening. These organizations should be chastised by the Christian public and shamed for their biased support of turning women into godheads. Unfortunately, though, most of the people who should be calling them out are taught that women ARE gods, or, at least, close enough that they should be put on the same pedestal as the one, true God.

This, my friends, has sickened me.


Author: SnapperTrx

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5 thoughts on “Woman, meet pedestal.”

  1. my life has been so full this week i totally missed this. but … AAARG!

    and the same woman / people … would rise up and scream if someone beat the ever-livin-daylights out of her … or killed her child. injuring/killing another human being, inside or outside the womb, is criminal. just because the law has made it legal does not change the fact that it is criminal.

    if someone hires a hit-man, they are just as culpable as the hit man.

    1. This says, to me, that the ‘pro-life’ movement is not at all about life but about a political message that can be bandied about. If they were sincere then they would agree that everyone involved in the crime should be held accountable, instead they are pandering to female voters, essentially telling them they will receive a ‘get out of jail free’ card, while men will be thrown to the dungeons. I am quickly losing faith in those who bear the title ‘christian’. At least until I see some fruit of that badge.

      1. my friend who i write with on another blog worked with crisis pregnancy centers for a long time and also worked in ministry for a good while … he said that Christians will privately vote for abortion b/c they want an ‘out’ just in case they, or their daughter, or their sister, etc, *needs* it.

        sick, isn’t it.

      2. Very sick. It would be better for these people if they just dropped the ‘Christian’ moniker and lived their lives how they really wanted rather than trying to fake it. The Lord knows and he is very clear on what happens to lukewarm Christians. Many people will weep when they stand before Him and proclaim they are His, and He informs them that, No, they are not.

  2. btw – my husband is a product of rape. his birth mom gave him up for adoption. i was never in favor of abortion for any reason, including rape, even before i met him.

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