A lull in the creative process….

Making wooden weapons is a unique endeavor. It’s something I feel driven to do. Maybe not simply wooden weapons, but just working with wood in general. I MUST do it to purge my body of the constant barrage of technology all around me. Everything has a screen. Computers, phones, watches – even your refrigerator has a screen now! Every once in a while the inner, ancient man in me – the one that, in days long past, used to hunt, used to build, used to survive – that man needs to come out. So maybe it’s not as dramatic as all that, but there is something about taking a plain ol’ piece of wood and cutting it, shaping it and molding it into something else. Shelves, swords, shields, tables, I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as I am making something.

A sword is a thing of beauty. It symbolizes power and authority. It has the power to take a life or to free lives in oppression. The sword is the Word of God, it is the two-edged power of the tongue, it is the weapon held by kings and knaves alike. It is an extension of your being. It is the ability to strike beyond your reach.

Ha ha! I’m getting way ahead of myself here. The previous paragraphs are just me waxing poetic as I realize that I have been making swords but not selling them! As a result I have had a temporary, monetary setback, and have been unable to make anything for some time, but will hopefully get back to work this weekend. In the meantime, here is a picture of what has, so far, been my favorite sword to date, the Curtana. Before it was stained and painted it was, indeed a thing of beauty. I hope to make more and refine them over time, but still, sometimes simple is best.

Curtana – The holy sword of a Paladin (FFXIV)

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