Ventura from the top of the hill @ Grant Park.

Over the past weekend the wife and I headed to Ventura to get some fresh, salt air and so I could visit the Woodcraft store! They were having a weekend demonstration of the Microjig GRR-Ripper, which I have seen several times on YouTube. It was a fun trip, as Woodcraft is an awesome store for both the hobbyist woodworker and the pro. The amount and variety of wood they have is absolutely breathtaking. A lot of the stuff is absolutely unreal in color and texture. Enjoy a few pictures!

The purple looking boards are ‘purple heart’ and are probably my most favorite wood in the whole store. The color is unreal, but apparently it fades over time into a brown/purple mix. I would love to make something out of it, but it wouldn’t be a sword. It is a very hard wood and the store associate said it’s very brutal to your tools, even carbide tipped ones. Also, it’s really expensive!

WP_20160319_004Also, I was able to find this bad boy at the Ventura Goodwill! It was broken, but I was able to spot the easy fix in the store, so I bought it! My kids and I enjoy a good Nerf shootout every once in a while in the house, and this will complete my loadout. I now have a good Nerf six-shooter, a Nerf shotgun and this – the Doominator! Four cylinders of six shots each for a total of 24 darts! Yeah, I’m a Nerf nerd.

Lastly, but not least…ly (is that a word), I finished up the ice brand sword I was working on. I have to admit that I am not really too happy with it because I made some rookie mistakes with measuring some widths, but overall it’s a nice piece. Next time I will probably use half-inch or quarter-inch boards for the side ‘ice’ pieces, as the whole thing seems too thick overall. Also I messed up measuring the brace for the hand guard and the pommel, which caused me to have to cut the cool pommel off (see my earlier post on the sword template and you can see the difference). And, finally, I don’t like the paint job because it looks more like clouds than ice. Next time I will tape off some sharp, ninety degree angles and paint some sharp, white lines on the blade. This is typical for me, though, I make a first run of a sword, learn from any mistakes and then make an ‘improved’ version later. Anyhow, here it is:

Since I’m kind of broke right now I wont be making anything new for a while, but I’ll let you know when things get moving again!