Murder was the punch line….

Why do some Christian women think its funny to joke about murdering their husbands? I know country music and the TV has made it all the rage to kill your lying, cheating man, and society has literally all but absolved women of the crime so long as they cry ‘abuse’ afterward. And I know that society has also turned EVERYTHING into abuse (see the Duluth model ‘power and control’ wheel), but Christian women should not be threatening to murder their husbands. If you do this you should seriously reconsider whether or not you are a Christian and your husband should seriously reconsider getting rid if you.

I thought about posting a proper response for husbands to deliver their wives should they do this, but it would likely be considered ‘abusive’.


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5 thoughts on “Murder was the punch line….”

  1. I read this to my husband – very funny!

    this was written about Ruth Bell Graham:

    “Barbara Bush and Ruth Graham shared an extensive correspondence over the years and a great deal more: both were strong-willed and outspoken women who married young and found themselves responsible for large families while their husbands moved in ever-widening circles around the world. Both women also looked out for their sometimes too-trusting spouses. And each could unholster a wicked sense of humor when she needed it. In 2006 Barbara noted that Ruth had once been asked whether, as a Christian, she had ever contemplated divorce. Barbara explained, “Her answer, was, ‘Divorce? No. Murder? Yes.'” Added Barbara, “I could understand that.””,8599,1633197,00.html

    1. you’ve had me pondering this.

      it is wrong that women have abused abuse.
      it is wrong when joking hurts, especially our spouse.

      I’ve wondered if context would matter. for example … I read an article recently by a pediatrician stating he has noticed children being much more disrespectful to their parents, in his office while treating them, than ever before. I read it to my girls, and the example he gave, and both my girls went bug-eyed and said, “Ohhhhh! You’d kick our butt!” No, I wouldn’t literally kick their butt … but their consequences would definitely not make them happy.

      I’ve heard people say, “Oh, I’m so angry I could strangle something!” or, “I could wring his/her neck!” no, they’d not literally strangle anyone or wring their neck. it’s an expression venting anger.

      I also wonder if vernacular would factor in here. my husband grew up in a region where the vernacular is very different and sometimes I wonder what language that man is speaking! it can definitely be offensive … but when I say where he’s from, those in our state automatically know it’s just different there. it’s how they speak there.

      i also wonder … if a woman were to say, “He makes me so angry I could kill him!” … i would guess most women would not actually, in their mind, be visualizing killing him. it would just be an expression to vent anger, to vent emotions, because women are more emotional. but i wonder if the way a man thinks is more literal. if a man were to say, “She makes me so angry I could kill her!” … is he visualizing actually killing her? if so, then a man hearing a woman say that would react more strongly b/c in his mind, it’s literal, while in her mind, it’s venting emotion.

      however, if i ever said anything that bothered him, and my husband took me aside later and shared that it bothered him and he doesn’t want me saying it anymore, i’d definitely weed that out of my vocabulary.

      and there have been people I’ve been around whose figures of speech, among other things, make me uncomfortable, so i avoid those people.

      you definitely have an important and valid point.

      (while we do love country music in our house, we do not like or approve of all the songs out there.)

      1. I am referring to a veiled threat delivered as a ‘ha ha, if you ever I will end you’ joke. It is, for all intents and purposes, a hidden reminder: “You can do x if you want, but don’t forget, if you anger me I can end you and will have the full support of the state, and everyone else, behind me with a single word – abuse.”. It is sickening that any woman would use this technique on her husband and double so for one who claims to be a Christian. Though intended as a ‘joke’ its delivery is deadpan and matter-of-fact. If a man used the same delivery method during a conversation it would absolutely be considered a threat or an invitation to combat. That is why I say if a man does this to a woman it would be considered ‘evidence’. The delivery is absolutely the giveaway to the intent.

      2. you’re absolutely right.

        I honestly didn’t think of it that way b/c my mind doesn’t work that way.

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