WP_20160305_003So I picked up this bad boy over the weekend from the Woodcraft store down in Ventura. If you enjoy any kind of wood working then, trust me, you need to go! Not only do they have an awesome selection of tools and gadgets, but the selection of wood….I don’t even know how to describe it! They had the MOST BEAUTIFUL purple heart wood I have ever seen in my entire life! And for those of you who have never seen purple heart, let me tell you, it’s almost unreal to look at. Ugh…let me get back on topic….

This is a flush trim bit with top/bottom bearings. Supposedly this is supposed to greatly help me with my template routing, as I will now be able to cut WITH the grain of the wood on both sides. Typically you can only cut in one direction with template routing unless you want to pull your template off and stick it to the other side of the board. Unless you have a really good eye, or a really squared piece, that can end up in tragedy. If you don’t line things up right then your finished piece will have issues. Well this bit should allow me to simply flip the piece over, WITHOUT REMOVING THE TEMPLATE, and continue routing by simply adjusting my bit height, so as to ride the other bearing. In description it sounds simple enough, hopefully it will be just as simple in execution. I guess we will find out, as I am going to be making an ‘ice brand’ inspired knights sword later today:


If your not familiar with the ice brand, it is another Final Fantasy weapon. We will see how this one turns out. Trying hard not to blow through my board, as I don’t think I have any money to replace it right now!

ice brand ffix
Ice Brand – FFIX