Summer is (practically) here!

Well the cold weather is coming to and end down here in SoCal and that means both good and bad things for my wood working! It’s no longer so cold in the mornings that I cant feel my fingers, which means I can get back to actually doing some wood work! Unfortunately it also means that the overwhelming heat is on its way in, so, yeah, 110 in the shade means 115 in the garage! I might move some of my tools into the backyard on hot days and take advantage of the shade the house provides (my house faces east/west, so we get shade in the latter half of the day).

So what’s on the agenda for wood working? Well, naturally, I am still working on creating some wooden weapons, although that hasn’t really been working out for my financially. I was hoping that I could sell a few of my creations and at least make back what I spent building them, but apparently the gaming community isn’t very much into owning replicas of their favorite in-game weapons. Or, if they are, they aren’t interested in buying them from me. It’s more than a little disheartening, but I will build on, just because I enjoy it. I am considering trying to build some simple furniture that would appeal to the locals, which I could sell at some of the farmers markets that pop up around town on the weekends. Not really my thing, but ‘my thing’ isn’t working out very well.

These weapon builds are in my future!



  • The first is a spear type weapon used by Serge in Chrono Cross. I made something similar a while back, but would like to expand on it with some new techniques I am trying out.
  • Another FULL SIZED buster sword to celebrate the re-imagining (I wont call it a remake) of Final Fantasy 7!
  • Auron’s sword from FFX
  • The huge Dark Knight weapon, Lynxliege Fassar from FFXIV (it’s going to be a large weapon and wildly complex to create, but I am looking forward to it!)
  • And, lastly, another one of my personal favorites, the Gladiators weapon, Burtgang, also from FFXIV.

I’ll post updates as I start working on different items. You can also visit my Facebook page at: Fantasy Arms by Paul.jr. I will probably post more updates here than there, or at least more in depth updates.

Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

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