Khanjar v2.o – DONE!

Finally finished up the new set of Khanjar knives the other day and I have to say they are looking gooooood! As is typical they are made of poplar, but I ran a poll on my FB page as to how to finish them and the majority voted for spray paint. Now I have always avoided spray paint because I wrongly assumed it would cover the wood grain, which I don’t like. I LIKE to see the grain – it’s very cool and beautiful, so I never used spray paint. Well, as you can see, I was wrong. It’s likely that my assumption would only be true if I added a primer base coat first, which I did not! The effect is really cool!

This time I also tried to stencil on the side markings instead of burning them. I would liked to have burned them, but the method I used last time of using a wood burning tool just didn’t pan out like I had hoped. I will probably try a different method next time, but for now this worked. I cut the designs out of clear contact paper, stuck it on the side and applied a coat of black spray paint. It would have turned out nicer had I not left the finished stencils in my garage. The head of the day (yes, heat in SoCal, in February) left them kind of warped and once I started putting them on there was no going back. It actually turned out kind of nice.

Everything is covered in a few coats of triple thick glaze and both handles are wrapped in black paracord.

I am really happy with these and, if you play Final Fantasy 14, you have a opportunity to win them right now if you go to my Facebook page (Fantasy Arms by Paul.jr). Enjoy!


Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

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