So the gunblade model is completed!
gunblade Slash

It took probably more work than I have ever done on a model, but I am really happy with it. The only thing  I will probably change is the colors of the rounds in the chambers. They should be brighter and more noticeable. Gunblades, for all they are worth, are about the most impractical weapons you could possibly think of, but they look cool! And, hey, it’s fantasy, right?

Now that THAT is all done I am moving on to the last piece of the trio of weapons needed for the triple threat of Sonja and Snapper, great sword Slash. This version of Slash is more like the ‘original’. It’s the version I originally created when I created Snapper (though not in this particular form) and before I branched out into other versions.


Right now it looks a lot like a giant bug, but by the end of the day it should look much, much better. Now that I have a Snapper model I will probably need to make some major adjustments to bring it into correct scale, but it’s a small price to pay. More updates on this guy later.

So the software I use for my modelling and rendering of final images is DAZ3d’s DAZStudio, a great piece of software for all its problems and lack of proper documentation. DAZ3d has been around for a long time and they have some great (GREAT) stuff. The Genesis system is incredible, even though I liked it better before the split off into Genesis Male and Genesis Female (as opposed to a single mesh that could be configured for either/or). However, now I see why they did this, as they have literally opened the floodgates of content ever since Genesis2 (g2)! I literally cannot keep up with them, they bring out so many new characters! I used to use their Victoria 4 model for my Sonja models. V4 was (and is) a FANTASTIC model with years and great content, but she had some issues with extreme poses due to her mesh resolution and other issues. After a long time I decided to upgrade to Genesis 2 (just last year in fact) and I am really happy with the results, which you can see here on my blog. Go figure, though, as soon as I am happy they now bring out add-ons for Genesis 3 that would allow me to upgrade to THAT model instead! I don’t think I can do it, its too much work and money. And since I don’t make money modelling, well, its the last thing on my list.

Maybe in another ten years……