Favorite things

I am kind of in between a few different projects at the moment with nothing spectacular to report so I figured I would post and remark on a few of my favorite things.

  1. Craftsman Bolt-on tool
    CMan-Bolt-On-Group-mdA great tool if there ever was one! The motor drives not only a drill, but a good half dozen other tools. From a trim saw to a router to a sander, all in the span of a few seconds! It runs on a 20v lithium battery and I use it extensively to create my wooden weapons. It’s small and very versatile. If you have the money to get one and a few attachments, do it! Pro tip: The Black and Decker Matrix is the same tool system, and the attachments are interchangeable, so if you see B&D attachments on sale at your local hardware store, grab them, as they sometimes go for 20$ or less!
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Ah yes, my favorite tiny green heroes. I started watching the TMNT when they first hit the scene back in the 80’s and I have been in love ever since. The newest generation of turtles isn’t as good as the original, but they are doing a great job, bringing in elements of the original story that they didn’t use in the original series (triceratons, anyone?). Though the last movie was a serious disappointment, the newer one looks like it could be the TMNT throwback some of us have been waiting on.
  3. Led Zeppelin
    Led+Zeppelin+LedZeppelinAnyone who knows me knows I can’t get enough Zeppelin. These monsters of rock are literally the foundation upon with hundreds of other bands have built, and their hard, gritty, bluesy sound is as fresh today as it was the first day it hit the air waves. Any time I build weapons I make sure these guys are playing in the background. Instant +1 to any build. Though we may never see another concert by the original band members, you can always console yourself by checking out the awesome tribute band Led ZepAgain, who really capture the feel and look of the band, and can seriously crank out the jam.
    4. Cowboy Bebop
    Cowboy-BebopAre you still binge watching Downton Abbey? Psshhhh. Can’t get enough ‘Orange is the New Black’? Amateur! Still trying to finish up ‘Breaking Bad’? Fuggedaboutit! Drop your current crap show for one of the greatest series ever made. Yes, it’s anime, but don’t let the shiny façade fool you. An incredible drama, it leaves you with serious attachments to each character. The excellent story, the incredible music and the great animation make this a must watch, anime fan or not.

    Well, that’s it for now. I will try and post later this week about any projects I have completed. Talk to you all later!


Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

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