For what you have been given or what you want?

Christian ladies, are you grateful for the things your husband provides to you or only for when you get what you want? I mean, if your husband says “I plan on doing x, y and z.”, but circumstances leave him only able to do x, are you grateful for x or do you huff and puff and give him the cold shoulder? Your husband is fully aware of your bad attitude when you do this and it makes him want to do nothing at all for you. In fact, if your doing this, he SHOUDLN’T be doing anything at all for you. This behavior is on par with a four year old and, hopefully, he will treat you like one if you let it continue for any more than a couple of minutes. Most men work hard to provide for their families and, when their wives are pleasant, most men love doing things for them. Act like a child and you spoil his good nature. He may still give you things, but it will not be out of love, but out of a feeling of obligation, and once he realizes he is not actually obligated to give you anything but food, shelter and clothing, he may stop altogether. You may think that’s not fair, but the bible does not call on husbands to give their wives anything more than that. All the rest is dessert. The old saying “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” applies to us all, including women.

Author: SnapperTrx

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