Unfinished Curtana – Finished

Well here it is, the ‘Unfinished Curtana’. If your not down with FFXIV, the Unfinished Curtana is what a Paladin’s relic weapon looks like before it officially becomes Curtana. I really wanted to do a full blow Curtana, which is much prettier, but I don’t have the tools available to have made it the way I wanted to, so I settled for this at the moment. It’s pretty front-heavy (which explains why your always holding it point-down in game), but man is it fun to swing around! The details:

  • 43″ long
  • made of poplar wood
  • stained with Rust-Oleum ‘Weathered Gray’, with the blade edges spray painted in white
  • covered in a whole can of Rust-Oleum ‘Triple Thick Glaze’
  • some wood burning work done for some detail
  • handle wrapped in rubber grip + paracord

I may or may not sell this piece. I want to, but I don’t know that anyone will want to pay the shipping+cost of materials, which is about 25$. As I stated before, I’m not really looking to make a lot of profit off of selling anything, I just want to afford more wood so I can continue making more weapons. I’ll be making some small wooden swords for stocking stuffers this week, and hopefully that will help fund my next build. I am considering an axe, but also looking at a couple more swords.


Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

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