WP_20151102_001Now that the Khanjars are done I am moving onto a new project, though I haven’t sold a single thing through eBay. If your interested in purchasing any of my completed pieces please visit my eBay page:

SnapperTrx on eBay

The next project I will be tackling is the Paladin’s sword Curtana! It’s a great design and a fantastic weapon that is one of my favorite! I am hoping that, by the time I get done with it, I can put to use a couple of new techniques I have learned, or am in process of learning, to make this my best reproduction ever! I have a great technique down for getting a nearly perfect shape for the piece when compared to the in-game item, but still would like to get all the additional detail and coloring down. I don’t think that’s possible with my limited tools and skill, but I’ll see what I can do. While I am working on this I may also work on a second set of Khanjars, but this time in red oak, a much stronger and heavier wood. The last long sword I made from red oak (which I gave to my son) feels like it could easily beat a car! Holding it feels like holding a much lighter baseball bat, in the shape of a sword. It’s a great feeling! I may also rebuild my hand claws, but we shall see! Check back later for more updates!

Update: Did more shaping and sold the Buster sword!
Update2: More shaping. Looks great, feels better!