Finally got these guys finished over the weekend with a coat of Rust-Oleum “weathered gray” stain, a few coats of Rust-Oleum spray lacquer and some paracord wrapped handles. The handles actually took a while to get done, not because the wrap pattern was difficult or anything (it wasn’t), but because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with the handles. Normally I wrap some rubberized grip (tennis racquet grip) around the handles, but that just didn’t seem like it would work right in this situation. I had wrapped the handle of one knife several times, but couldn’t come up with anything that looked right. I thought about some leather strips, but it would have cost too much to buy the tools to start decent leatherwork. Finally I got on YouTube and watched a few videos on paracord wraps and, as you can see, it makes a huge difference! Most aren’t too complicated and the particular pattern I chose for the Khanjars was pretty simple. I still wrapped the rubberized grip underneath the paracord (for grip. that spray lacquer is quite slick), and it turned out great!
While working on this project I also found that Rust-Oleum makes an awesome ‘Triple Thick Glaze’ that sprays on thick, but dries to a crystal clear finish. It actually looks a lot better than the lacquer (and feels nice, like glass!), and I will try using it on my next piece.

The Khanjars will be for sale on my eBay page in a day or two.