Been working on these FFXIV Khanjars (you get them from the Gold Saucer), and they are turning out pretty good. This is the first piece I have used wood burning on and, though they aren’t spectacular, they are cool! The detail of the weapons is very unique and I wanted to keep them when I translated them to wood, but painting them didn’t seem like the direction I wanted to go. Burning them was fun, but I am far from a master with a wood burner. I may add the handle detail before I stain these.


In other news I spent a little time Saturday night enjoying Led Zepagain, again! If you have never seen these guys you need to! They are the best Led Zeppelin tribute band around and they really capture the look and feel of the band. Visit their website ( and see if they will be in your area! They typically aren’t very expensive to see, and you will not regret it!