Truespace is dead – Long Live Truespace!

So after upgrading to Windows 10 I found that my favorite old school modelling application, Truespace, didn’t seem to want to function anymore. Being slightly irritated I decided to finally give DAZ3D’s Hexagon a go and, as I suspected, it was a disastrous nightmare. How can you adequately model when functions of the software don’t work the way they should. In Truespace I could easily move the center point of an object and then scale, rotate and move it around by the adjusted point. Well, I guess in Hexagon you can ‘Set Pivot Point’ to a specific point on the object (it has to be a vertices), and it DOES successfully pivot on that point, as long as you are using the manipulators. If you try to enter a value into the rotate value box the object rotates on some other-worldly axis that I cannot identify. That being said, precision is not something that can be achieved. I was somewhat irritated. However, after some searching and relocating of the Truespace installation file I found that actually running the install in Win10 will allow it to work. In previous incarnations of Windows I have been able to simply copy and paste the TS folder and run it no problems, but I guess Win10 is a bit different. I like it so far, and I like it even more now that I have my Truespace back.

Long Live Truespace!


Author: SnapperTrx

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One thought on “Truespace is dead – Long Live Truespace!”

  1. I have all the components of my new computer coming together on my dining room table – including unused separate copies of Windows 7 and Windows 10. My #1 concern has been Truespace – so much so that I have been using my Vista computer with no thought of changing ever since Caligari did what so many of still feel was the unthinkable. I was one of those who payed full price for Truespace from Version 3 to 7 – because even for the price, it was more than worth it. I’m so happy that I will be able to model with this still outstanding program in Windows 10 – thanks for easing my fears! Maybe if enough of us install the program, somehow Microsoft will see that the durability of Truespace would be worth restarting further development (I for one have always believed that such an awesome decision would have a profound effect on Microsoft’s business and reputation). Ahh… but one can dream, no?
    – pianodavy

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