So after upgrading to Windows 10 I found that my favorite old school modelling application, Truespace, didn’t seem to want to function anymore. Being slightly irritated I decided to finally give DAZ3D’s Hexagon a go and, as I suspected, it was a disastrous nightmare. How can you adequately model when functions of the software don’t work the way they should. In Truespace I could easily move the center point of an object and then scale, rotate and move it around by the adjusted point. Well, I guess in Hexagon you can ‘Set Pivot Point’ to a specific point on the object (it has to be a vertices), and it DOES successfully pivot on that point, as long as you are using the manipulators. If you try to enter a value into the rotate value box the object rotates on some other-worldly axis that I cannot identify. That being said, precision is not something that can be achieved. I was somewhat irritated. However, after some searching and relocating of the Truespace installation file I found that actually running the install in Win10 will allow it to work. In previous incarnations of Windows I have been able to simply copy and paste the TS folder and run it no problems, but I guess Win10 is a bit different. I like it so far, and I like it even more now that I have my Truespace back.

Long Live Truespace!