I heard that tv spokesman Billy Mays died Sunday morning, and personally, I’ll miss the guy.  My wife swears by Oxyclean, and I actually kind of liked seeing him on tv.  I mean, sure he was loud, but he sure did get your attention.  And even if you didn’t know his name, just say "That guy on the oxyclean commercial, the one that yells all the time." and people would go "Oh yeah!".  I started watching his new show with his friend Anthony Sullivan, Pitchmen, when it came out on Discovery channel, and I was amazed!  These guys are living, and creating, the American dream!  I will never forget the episode where they went over the ‘Twinsaw’ with the invetor from Europe.  What a great commentary on the power and opportunity available here in the states!  Here this guy had a great invention, he had a drive and had already made tons of sacrifice to create it, and now that he was ready, he knew the only place to hit it big was in America.  Billy and Sully worked hard with him and helped him bring his dream to life!  In fact, Im getting ready to order the ‘Twinsaw’ on my next payday!
Billy will be sorely missed, but fondly remembered in my home.  Every time I look at a box of Oxyclean, a bottle of Kaboom or my Twinsaw, Ill remember the guy, and my heartfelt prayers go out to his family and friends.
And who could forget that AWESOME beard, rivaling even Chuck Norris’s in my book.