Final Fantasy Meh…..

  So I have been working out of town for the past month or so, and it has really been boring, so I decided to bring my PS2 along and finish Final Fantasy 12.  I love Final Fantasy, and everything about it, but I have to say that FF12 has been the worst FF experience I have ever had.  Not because the game was bad, in fact, I thought it was pretty good (though I have my complaints), but because unlike when I was younger, I just dont have the time to become emotionally invested in the characters.  I remember when I bought FF7 and even FF8, I couldnt wait to get home and fire up the old Playstation and find out what happened next in the adventure of the characters!  They were people I genuinely cared about, and I was engulfed by their stories.  Right around FF9 that stopped happening.  I scarely remember any of the story, and hardly remember all the characters.  I remember FF10 mostly due to the fact that it was a graphical powerhouse when it came out, and 10-2 I remember mostly because the fan service (^_^).  FF11 I play on a nearly daily basis, but when 12 came out, I was excited, but found that I just didnt have time to invest in it.  It’s not because I have a wife and kids.  In fact, I got through FF7 and 8 while I was married and the kids were babies.  I think it’s just the weight of responsibility, which isnt necessarily a bad thing.  I think, however, it is sometimes good to take time off from your responsibilities and enjoy your loves and passions.
   On another note, you would think with all the money they make, SquareEnix could finally afford some GOOD translators!
Until next time……

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