Miscellaneous thoughts…..

Just a bunch of random stuff I was thinking of over the weekend:
  • Nothing makes me quite as sad (or disgusted) as seeing a beautiful woman with a cigarette in her mouth.
  • Drunk people are stupid.
  • Time travel is not possible because time is not real.  Nature does not understand time, only condition, and time is a man-made measurement of condition.  So in reality, we are not looking for a way to reverse time, but to reverse condition.  To date, no scientist has been able to ‘ungrow’ a plant or ‘de-evolve’ a living thing, and even if they could, the would need to find a way for this reversal of condition to be instantaneously worldwide for ‘time travel’ to succeed.
  • The young are dangerous to totalitarian governments, and thats why they try so hard to control the young.  Old men are set in their ways, and often lack optimism and drive.  They feel things are either not worth changing or could never change.  Youth, however, is often paired with drive, optimism and curiosity, and they often ask Who, Where, What and Why.  Thus, they must be controlled.  Take this how you want.
  • LA traffic is ridiculous.  I don’t know how anyone could live down here and get anywhere on time.
  • Are the Republicans in congress even breathing anymore?

   Thats about it, Ill probably jot down a few more over the weekend and thrown them out there.  Email me or send me a message if you have anything to say about my random thoughts.


Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

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