April 15th – Tax Day

   I don’t often write about politics (though I would like to more), but today is April 15th, the day everyone rushes and scrambles to get their taxes wrapped up and sent in before the midnight deadline.  I’m sure other cities, like the one I live in, will have post offices open till midnight, long lines of procrastinators desperate to get that April 15th postmark and tons of people filing for extensions.  I sat back for a minute to think about all the fuss and I came to this conclusion:
No American should be this scared of the government.
On another note, I’m headed the the TEA Party demonstration in my town later this afternoon.  I really like this movement because it’s not geared toward any one political party.  Liberals and conseratives alike feel the tax-hammer every year, and I think all of us are getting tired of the government, under any party, reaching deeper and deeper into our pockets.  Every time I hear about a new fee from the state or federal government, I think about how much more of my daily time at work goes out of my family’s funding and into the government coffers.  Another dollar fee here, thats another five minutes of my day devoted to paying Uncle Sam.  In fact, if you find yourself with a couple of minutes today, think about how much tax comes out of your check and compare it to how long at work it takes for you to earn that amount.  I have found that I, personally, work about 1.5 days every pay period strictly for the government.  That, to me, sucks.


Author: SnapperTrx

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