Out of Outage – Back to the rat race!

   Finally got all the outage work and such out of the way!  Outages are great work, but they always take a lot out of me with all the climbing, bending and contorting I have to do to reach all the devices I work on.  In fact, my family and I just spent the last weekend at Disneyland!  Talk about tiring, sixteen hours of walking and waiting in line definitely takes a toll on the legs!  Still, we had a great time, and I will post some pictures later today.  Disneyland always has the BEST fireworks shows, and this years was no exception!  If you haven’t been lately, go!
   Now that things have returned to semi-normality, I’m hoping to get a few more objects done for Poser, as well as start updating my website, which I think will be moved from doteasy.com to officelive.  You can view the temp page here (http://rgdev.web.officelive.com), but it’s pretty empty for the moment.  Im still working on a few scripts that I would like to have working, but don’t seem to be.  Ill post more info when I get that ball rolling.  In the meantime, see you all later.

Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

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