Onion Sword!

So now that I have a little more time on my hands I have started on my next wooden project, which is actually a rehash of an older wooden project.  Any of you that have played Final Fantasy XI should be familiar with the ‘Onion Sword’.  It’s the base weapon for the Warrior job, and a popular design for several other high level weapons.  A year or so ago I made a cheap wooden version for my son and he really liked it.  It wasn’t all that great, made from pine and very bland.  Well, I have decided to start anew with the little sword (who’s design I really do like!) and this time make a much more detailed version.  I selected a nice piece of poplar as my subject (although I will probably do another in oak if this one turns out well) and have already started mapping out my points and lines for cutting.  I’m probably going to tamper with my previous design, which I’m not sure if I like much or not.  Ill try to post a drawing of what the old design consisted of, and where I want to go with the new one.  Keep an eye out!
Drew out my design and started cutting last Sunday, but, naturally, I kind of screwed up on one side of the blade by not guiding it very well.  So now one side of the blade is very nice and smooth and one is kind of jagged.  I also wasnt paying attention and cut a notch into one part of edge.  Because of this I’m going to chalk this one up to a ‘first test’.  I will complete it and see if my new design works.  If it does, I found a place in town that has some nice prices on oak boards, I might just buy one of those and try over again.  I have always wanted to work with oak, but it has looked extremely expensive.  At 10$ for a three foot board, I cant go wrong!  More updates when I get this one completed!

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