Sampler Files Available

For anyone coming over from my other site, you can now download the two free sampler files from here, instead of there.  I dont think there is a download limit here, so that should mean the files will be available all month long, instead of being unavailable when the site goes down due to excessive bandwith usage.  Also, drop me a line and tell me what you think of me using this format instead of a page at Doteasy.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Doteasy page, but I can’t afford to upgrade it and I’m tired of it always going offline.
Here is a description of the available files, which are down at the bottom of the page under the Files section!
RG Sampler Pack
A set of three weapons for your assassin or ninja characters.  Comes with a set of katar claws, a katar blade and a ‘razor ring’ prop.  Each is smart propped to the hands, but may need some tweaking to fit right.  They have no morphs and no UV mapping.  You can buy the Katar Pro package from my store page on Renderosity for a of claws with different morphs and UV maps, as well as a few different razor rings.  Strangely enough, I didnt put the katar blade in there (??).
  bladesample  clawsample  rringsample
Blade Pods 2.0
These are some cool, Wolverine style blade pods that have a morph to retract them back into the hand.  They also have no UV mapping, but the Katar Pro package comes with a set of blade pods that have several different positioning morphs, and are UV mappable!  Don’t miss out on them!
Again, get these by following the Files link down below to my PUBLIC folder.  Happy modelling!


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